Lynne P Hollingsworth Fine Art
“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” Marc Chagall 
      My art depicts a constant fascination with the visible world around me, a world in which we tend to move so rapidly, so distractedly, so fleetingly, we seldom see with our heart what lies before us.  My purpose is to take that fleeing moment, capture it, and invite you to feel it, and explore it, enjoy it, be moved by it, experience it.
    I am constantly stimulated visually by the endless variety in colour and form, shape and shadow, movement and stillness that exists around me daily. My narrative work usually incorporates humour or commentary while capturing a moment in time to be savoured, or depicting a challenge to be overcome. My landscapes evoke how I feel about what I am seeing and what I am painting, either in front of me, or in my mind’s eye. My portraits aim to bring out something of the personality that lies within the subject.
      The medium I select for a particular painting is dependent upon my reaction to what I see, what it stirs up within me or how I feel about it.  I may choose oils or acrylics and the style may be more impressionist for a landscape, or realistic for a still life. Exploring my relationship with my environment is coupled with similar examination of the relationship between the elements of a still life, with regard to shape and form, colour and reflection, shadows and light.
    I sometimes begin with many sketches to narrow down the compositional choices, points of view and subjects depicted. This planning is often very intense when arranging a still life, until I am happy with the arrangement and relationship of the objects. I may begin a landscape with only partial planning, allowing it to evolve as I paint. The medium I use is often a major consideration as to how the process will unfold. I will work quickly with the fast drying acrylics, but spend more time with oils.