Lynne P Hollingsworth Fine Art
“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” Marc Chagall 


(posted on 29 Oct 2016)


Well here I am finally, ready to embark upon what I have been calling a new journey in my life as an artist. My intention is to implement all that I have learned over the years, all that I am currently learning, and learn more as I paint.

The reason why this is a ‘new’ journey is not that I am a new artist. Perhaps it would better be called a ‘RENEWING’ journey. I have been painting for some years now and loved art all my life. I have not been as fortunate as many who have painted all of their adult lives. I attended art college, but for many years following that experience, I was unable to embark upon my life as an artist, amateur or professional. The reasons are many and not required here. Let’s just say life intervened in a big way, as is often the case.

Whether you are an experienced artist, or brand new, I hope you will find something worthwhile in my blog posts during my journey. I will be sharing much of what I have learned over the years and what I have discovered by doing it myself. I have learned from other artists and art materials, some of which I will recommend. I am not being paid for this, but have collected materials over time, often from other professional and talented artists’ recommendation. I plan to share links to people and places on the internet which I have found helpful, either instructional or inspirational. Sometimes simply seeing what a particular artist is able to do with a particular medium is awe-inspiring and motivational in itself.

Many of us can understand having a dream to do or be something, yet being unable to make it a reality. I have ‘met’ many new artists in my face book group “Artists’ Tips and Tricks’ who have started to paint or draw as they retired from a full time job in the marketplace which had nothing to do with art. It is never too late to begin.

I would like to share some basic background to introduce myself. I grew up in Toronto, Ontario in Canada and attended the Ontario College of Art in Design there. I had a somewhat troubled life, managing to overcome some setbacks. There is no doubt that these kind of experiences can leave us without a strong self image, and without self confidence which was the case for me.

When the time was right I met the love of my life, my husband Darryl. He was and is a very talented singer/musician so life became centered on that which meant travelling on the road for the next 7 years. We were blessed with a son and settled in one place, while my husband continued with his supporting of our family, entertaining in resorts and clubs, and supplementing by doing any of the many things he is capable of doing. After a great deal of thought, we decided to home school our son, so my career became teaching for the next few years. Obviously, I had no time or energy for starting to paint and was feeling rather far away from my dream. I had not practised it for so long that I felt rather inept in those days, hearing the voice in my head which said I couldn’t do it.

I really didn’t even begin to use whatever painting skills I had until our son was grown enough to permit it. I began by attending a water colour workshop near where we lived, and my eyes were immediately opened to previously inconceivable possibilities and my heart was filled with the passion I thought I had lost. I still had something!

In my next post, I want to connect with anyone reading this by sharing the challenges and successes that followed, the perceived failures and frustrations. It seems that I literally condensed years of drawing and painting into a very short period of time. I hope you will stay with me.