Lynne P Hollingsworth Fine Art
“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” Marc Chagall 


(posted on 25 Aug 2019)

   As I sit here gazing out over our lake, I can’t help but notice some signs of the coming fall season. There are fewer jet skis or wave runners flying across the surface of our small lake and therefore, fewer squeals of joy and excitement coming from the various inflated kid carriers usually towed behind.  The small parkette next to our home lacks the giggles and splashes of children or the barking of excited and very wet dogs. It is a lovely day today, but not a hot and humid one.
   There are no changes noticeable in the colour of the leaves across the lake and yet a few maple leaves have been blown onto our raised deck the past few days.


   I wonder if I am ready for the coming seasons. Tomorrow will be my last Monday of my weekly art show and sale at a nearby resort, Bayview Wildwood Resort. I am thankful for all the people I have met, many of whom were visiting from some considerable distances: north to Tobermory or west to Colorado and all parts in between. Another visitor put me in contact with a fellow artist who summers in the province of Alberta and winters in Barbados. I am now in touch with her and we are contemplating an art show team up for a Toronto gallery. 


   One day, I enjoyed a long chat with a gentleman who is struggling with MS, who shared my own geographical memories of growing up in Toronto Ontario. We shared all the “is that still there?” questions and answers.

   The kind words gathered over the two months were like drops of honey, lovingly praising my work; priceless warmth and encouragement.

I find myself thinking about the importance of embracing every moment, every experience, known and unknowable. It rarely unfolds as expected, often blossoming into something brand new; a new friend or collector; a new idea for a series of paintings. A quiet day that could feel like wasted hours turns itself into that precious conversation about my home town with a man I shall probably never meet again, where I shared his pain and his joy.

   WE grow with each encounter and change with every experience. As artists, we can use all of it to fuel our hearts, our expression, our muse. 

   One young woman voiced her desire to paint with acrylics. She was afraid that if she did, they sure wouldn’t look like mine! (Just as I know mine don’t look like some other artist I admire) I was granted the real privileged opportunity to encourage her to do what she loves, try what inspires her, take a chance and a leap of faith, perhaps in all likelihood to find joy at the end.

   Autumn is approaching with its astounding beauty showcased well in the area where I live and paint. There are so many trees, so many lakes and rivers, so many granite rock cuts and cliffs to paint. Inspiration is there, wherever I look.


   Life is like that.  Sometimes we can see what is coming or at the very least the shape of what is coming. But we seldom can realize the hidden joys and moments of clarity and joy hidden in the depths of oncoming days.

   In the autumn of my life, approaching winter won’t frighten me. I will do my best to be open to inspiration, to new experiences and adventures, to friends I have yet to meet, and lost ones reinstated, stronger than ever.