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“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” Marc Chagall 


(posted on 24 Nov 2016)

As you will see as we move on together, what, I am really talking about is a renewal of creative energy, a desire to try new things, expand my repertoire, stretch my artistic muscles so to speak. Artists have these epiphanies now and again, when they see in their mind’s eye, a call to take a road not travelled thus far, and this has been one for me.

I must include here, that my enthusiastic launch proved to be less that stellar. I am working on a painting of roses, using an instructional video as a starting point, and my new mantra is “who knew roses could fight BACK?” It has not been easy, and yet, it is exciting to stretch.

Now that I have introduced myself to you, let me continue to show you where I am now.

From that first workshop experience, I knew I had a hunger still to create art, a love for the work, a desire to improve my craft. I didn’t really have any idea where to go for help and my low self confidence held me back from just DOING it.

So here are my first suggestions. If you are just beginning with your painting, attending a workshop is a great idea. It is a situation where you have a person right in front of you to answer your questions and in addition, you have other aspiring artists with whom to connect. By asking others, you may find other workshops you would like to try or learning materials which helped other artists to improve and expand their work. Now remember, when I was starting out, there simply were no internet possibilities for learning which are so available now! Now YouTube for example has a plethora of instructional videos to watch and study, save to view later, with the idea of following your own particular direction. I definitely recommend you search these resources.

Many talented and accomplished artists write blogs which are filled with valuable information. There is literally an endless supply of assistance. There are online webinars to ‘attend’ in the comfort of your own home. In the near future, I will add links to my web site connecting to some webinars which have been valuable to me, and which were free to listen to: something important to my rather impecunious state. Johannes Vloothius was one of them. He has paint along videos as well, materials you can buy at very reasonable prices and his desire to teach seems to be important to him.

I am a researcher at heart, so I spent what was probably too large a segment of time researching all these materials, without actually DOING what was recommended. And yet, I did learn. It is a funny thing: you often don’t realize how much you know until you are asked a question or you try to instruct someone else! Suddenly as you freely talk about your passion, at a dinner party or whatever, the fog lifts and you happily proclaim to yourself, “Wow, I know a LOT about this!” That is what happened with me anyway. And remember, different people learn differently. Some are kinetic learners, needing to be busy DOING, and some are readers; some need to listen to instruction, and videos may be a preference offering better results. Find your best way to learn what you need to learn to be a better artist.

While delighted with my first watercolours resulting from that first workshop, and while thinking they were much better than I had any right to expect, I have to confess that now, from my present point of view, after much more painting, I can see the flaws and faults, and perhaps you will do the same. Don’t dwell on the shortcomings of your work– it won’t help you at all. They are just a step on a long and thrilling road. The pride I felt after so many years of NOT painting or even drawing, was a springboard for me to move forward and not give up. Concentrate on what you did well, what you created when you didn’t know you could! Stay inspired!!

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